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I originally used this page as a blog, however I quickly learned that if you’re not big on writing, then a blog is a poor fit. However, I have long been annoyed by the lack of a bookmark sync solution that works for me. As an experiment, I’ll shove links to things here that I might want to refer myself or someone else to later. It’s a good fit for index.html.

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Reading List

I enjoy reading what others have to say about software development. It’s a nice way to see what others are up to. Sometimes their words leave a mark on my programming style. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it sorted.

Doing a Job

An excellent account of how Admiral Hyman Rickover managed to lead his team to achieve lofty goals.

The Grug Brained Developer

A series of humourously posed maxims that mirror some of my experiences with software teams.

In Defense Of Linked Lists

This article radically changed my view of linked lists. I reconsidered my overuse of std::vector and found simplicity in emergent data structures.

The Next Steps for Single Ownership and RAII

Starts with a nice extension to std::unique_ptr and ramps up to some unorthodox techniques for enforcing lifetime guarantees.

The TTY demystified

A great introduction to the history and intricacies of controlling terminal devices in POSIX environments.

Is Parallel Programming Hard, And, If So, What Can You Do About It?

Paul McKenney provides an excellent document that covers the many layers and pitfalls of parallel programming.

Lock Convoys

Fortunately I’ve never had this problem, but this is certainly something I could see being a big problem if there’s a large hysteresis in performance of empty vs non-empty queues.

Efficiency is the Enemy

A reminder that downtime is necessary in any work environment. The Erlang formulas only hold true when the team’s utilization is below 1.

See also: How high capacity utilisation hurts a team’s performance

Notes from the Mystery Machine Bus

An essay about the main political axis of software. From this, I’d say I lean software-conservative.