Brief: Illustrated labels for a candle collection

Sun Blend Candle Label Design Moon Blend Candle Label Design Stars Blend Candle Label Design

This was another practice brief from Briefbox. For this project, the instruction was to create three labels for an ethical and organic candle brand targeting women from ages 25 - 65. As with other briefs, they provided a style tile with the logo and the colour palette.

They wanted a natural look that uses or mimics watercolour/gouache. At first I tried using actual watercolour paints and I painted the moon. However I didn't end up using physical paintings for the label as scanning it lost a significant amount of detail. Instead I used a digital painting program called Krita with my graphics tablet to create the label art and Inkscape for the text.

I decided I wanted to use the space theme to reflect the brand's name but I wanted it to also reflect the flavours of the candles. I must admit it was challenging to think of three different designs that were space themed and also fitted with the aesthetic of the brand. However, I spent time playing around with composition, different planets and colours.

The lavender and coconut label came to me first with the purple theme and a moon which both went well together. For the pomegranate and orange candle, I thought of Mars to reflect the reddish colour and used a large brush to create a large cloud-like background. Then for the chamomile and honey label, I went with Saturn as it contains some yellow tones. I had fun with the brushes on Krita to create the starts and clouds in the background.