Brief: Illustrations for a Flower Shop

Coffee Cup Design
(Coffee cup design)

For this brief, I had to design a takeaway coffee cup and social media illustrations for a flower shop also selling coffee. The target audience is younger millennials who live and work in London.

They provided their branding assets including their logo, colours and fonts and requested that the designs align with their simple and elegant aesthetic with a hand drawn aspect.

For my coffee cup design, I drew a repeating wisteria pattern in Inkscape to surround the top of the coffee cup. I decided to keep it as just an outline so the pattern looks simple and doesn't detract from their logo.

Social Media Square Designs
(Social media square designs)

For the social media tiles, I incorporated different aspects of the style tile they provided and added in my own illustrations like the repeating leaf pattern, the gypsophila outline and the roses and wisteria. I kept these as simple line drawings as the brand has a minimalist style and the logos are already quite detailed so didn't want to risk it looking too 'busy'.